Every child deserves the chance to succeed in school and in life, and one of the first and most important milestones is their ability to read at grade level by the third grade.

Families are the most important contributor to early literacy building for children.  As early as age three there is a profound gap between the number of words that children from one family to next know.

Building early literacy isn’t as hard as we think; it comes from things we can do every day, everywhere, like reading, talking, telling stories, singing and playing with children. And it can be done in any language.

That’s what stORytime is all about. It’s a new early learning initiative created with the help of communities across Oregon with an investment from the state legislature. The initiative brings together parents, educators, Early Learning Hubs, Regional Achievement Collaboratives, libraries, local businesses, and culturally specific community partners to build awareness and shared responsibility for ensuring our youngest Oregonians are on track to read by third grade.

StORytime connects parents and families with easy-to-access, culturally relevant resources to eliminate real or perceived barriers to early literacy building. It is designed to meet families where they are with easy to do, fun activities that fit into every day life.

At its core, stORytime empowers parents and families, and challenges communities across Oregon to come together to put children on a path to lifelong success. Our goal is to make sure every child in Oregon is a proficient reader by the third grade.

So, take some stORy timeEvery day. Everywhere.

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