Cooking Up a Lesson

September 28, 2014

HermalindaHermalinda has two adorable sons, Alex who is in Kindergarten and Alan who is three years old. Like so many families juggling multiple priorities, she is always looking for opportunities to incorporate teaching into their daily routine. One of their favorite things to do together as a family is to cook! They all gather together in the kitchen and each has a very important role in making the perfect pancake. Alex reads the directions and stirs the batter, Alan pours the milk and Hermalina slices bananas for the top and uses this valuable time to teach her boys the meaning of different words. Pointing to the syrup label, she asks Alex to read the ingredients and when he runs into a word he doesn’t know, they find the meaning together. She asks him to spell the word by calling out each letter.  They say them in English and in Spanish. Hermalinda knows that time is precious and that she can teach her kids every day, everywhere through books, stories, song and play.

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