Learning Vocabulary in Multiple Languages

October 24, 2014

Ray Helps Cooper Learn While Playing

Ray and his 18-month old son Cooper love to spend time together – in fact, they are best buddies. Luckily for Cooper his dad is really intentional about what they do, making sure even their playtime shares a lesson. One rainy afternoon as they sit together on the floor, Ray throws a multi-colored ball to Cooper, who catches it and squeals with delight. “¿Cuál es el color?” says Ray, prompting Cooper to tell him the color of the side he catches, which he must say first in Spanish and then in English. For Cooper, this is a really fun game he gets to play with his favorite person. For Ray, who is very proud of his culture, he loves to teach his son new words in his native language as well as the English he will someday speak in school. Ray knows that Cooper learns from watching him and that he has the power to teach Cooper every day, everywhere through books, stories, song and play.

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